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Fresh Start

OK, it's April 1st. New Year!

Now I'm trying to remember the days when I enjoyed blogging as if it was part of my daily routine. I used to sit down in front of the PC in the morning without having any specific idea beforehand for the day's entry. Then I typed some words, and that was forming an entry. Oh that reminds me, I once achieved a perfect month! I was on a blogger's high in those days. Good old days.... No, wait, I have to get back into blogging!

I write whatever comes to mind. That's my blogging style. It may mainly be about the English and Japanese languages, cultures, toilets (oops). I don't even categorize my posts (out of laziness...no,no). This is where I freely chat away in English, a foreign language, and I like it. If you like it, then it's much better.

Incidentally, though I've never been a Japanese teacher, whenever you want to know something about the language, feel free to ask me.

Now I'm repeating this phrase: 継続は力なり

Well, folks, this is no April Fool. hehehe. ;)


Hey Kiyo,

I shall attempt to read both English and Japanese blogs, but commenting is much easier for me in English than Japanese. I'm not sure why, it isn't that it's a language problem - I can say pretty much everything I want to - but when I think in Japanese,I'm just no good at thinking of things to say. Do you have this problem in English Kiyo? It isn't a language barrier, it's more of a mindset type thing...

Anyhow, great to see you blogging in English again :)

Hey, Clive, that was very interesting! Thanks for giving me something to blog about. ;)


I also write whatever comes to mind.

April 1st is one of the best days when we want to start something new, isn't it?

My cousin got married on April Fool's Day!

He has been happily married since then.