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A high school senior suddenly shouted in class:

"What on earth is this word that looks very much like 'weekend'?!"

The word was --- "weakened".


Oh! I do this, too. (Makes you wonder why I even try to learn foreign languages when I can barely speak my native one.)

たとえば。Whenever a newspaper refers to "uniformed policemen" (as opposed to an undercover cop), I read it as "uninformed policemen".

And on the back of our city buses is a sign that says, "Caution. Children exiting." which I read as "Children exciting."

My mind is always mixing up words and hearing unintended puns. Except for the stress, "weakened" and "weekend" sound almost alike. I can see how your student made the connection.


Haha, did he shout it out in English or in Japanese? I hope it was English, I've never heard a Japanese person shout "what on earth" in English before :)

Do you still give your kids English nicknames in class? I bet this guy has an inventive one.

M, that's too funny! I sometimes want to read 酷い (hidoi: terrible) as 醜い (minikui: ugly). And I often find typical kanji mistakes Japanese people make on the Net like 確立 for 確率、and 以上 for 異常.

Clive, too bad the shout was in Japanese! Haha. Actually, the student was a girl and her nickname is "Tina." She's really an amusing girl. Oh, don't you want to put her words into Japanese?