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Smileys That Make You Smile

Hey, did you like the song of Doraemon? Many of you may not know what Doraemon is like. After posting the previous entry, I remembered there's a smiley representing the character, and found one on the Net. He looks like this:


Wow, it sure is Doraemon! To see Japanese smileys (or 顔文字: kao-moji), you don't have to tilt your head to the left. Just look at them vertically. Can you see the face? Haha, Japanese smileys are kinda reader-friendly.

Since we are on the subject of Japanese smileys today, I'll show you some other funny ones.


It's cute, isn't it? Can't recognize it? Actually, it's Snoopy!




Darth Vader. Wow...




Prime Minister Koizumi...

OK, Adiós! (^o^)/


Heh. Yeah, Japan's kao-moji are pretty cool.

 ̄□ ̄; 「もちろん!」


Today was fine after rain in Tokyo.

How are you?

I'm fine!

Nice to meet you, Kiyo!

Japanglish Times from Tokyo Japan


An, an, an, TOTTEMO daisuke! Dorae~moooon! -lovelove-

What a cute Pikachu~!

-waves back with a hanky-