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I don't know when I first heard about this, but somehow I've vaguely believed it. It is that rabbits will die if they feel lonely. Maybe I didn't doubt it because the animal, to me, presents an image of a fragile little thing.

And today, I happened to find out it isn't true. (Sorry, the page is written in Japanese. Oh, but I bet it is a good read for my Japanese-learning friends. hehe) The adviser says that loneliness alone can't lead to a rabbit's death, although it can be a case that rabbits would die of some disease from lack of vitality and appetite caused by loneliness. The same holds true with other pets, too.

Aha, rabbits are not alone.


*deep breath*


Oh my, when is your 父さん(dad? husband?) coming home?

My parents' late dog, Pochi, would often throw up when he was left alone for hours. Oh, but he died of old age.

Ohh, that's cute! I never had a pet other than some goldfish, but I'd like to get a dog someday. I hope it doesn't get lonely when I have to go to work...

Ah, my dad travels frequently, usually just for a few days. The dog is always sad. I just moved out from home, and I miss my cat. >.

I used to have a giant fishtank full of fish, and then they all died except for one. I always wondered if he was lonely. :P

My husband thought the same thing about mice...as you can read in this story: http://www.zanthan.com/wordsintobytes/archives/002078.html

(See, it's not that I've stopped blogging...it's that I haven't kept up my Japanese blogs. Most of my writing is about my garden...which I put in my link below.)

I moved from my parents house a few months ago and miss my cat as well. I don't think he will be getting too lonely. He still has two people who will lavish attention upon him.

I'm happy to see that a couple of posts appeared here the past few days.
Keep up the good work!

Come on, M! You've been blogging! :)

Hey Travis, thanks for returning to my blog. I'm also glad to know you've started blogging!

Thanks for visiting. I saw I had received a hit from Hokkaido and thought it was probably you.

Well, I guess I started blogging. I am not very good at it though.

Well, practise makes perfect...hopefully after my exam on Thursday I can practise a little more often.