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Sleepy Sunday

It's Sunday morning. Speaking of Sunday morning, when I was a kid, I used to get up early and watch animations on TV. I couldn't wait to get up and turn on the TV. Looking back, I find it amusing myself that I was able to get up early on Sundays expecting something fun, besides animations, would happen for the day, while my parents, or adults in general, wanted to sleep late.

One of my favorite TV cartoons was "ハクション大魔王" (Hakushon the Genie). "Hakushon" is the typical sound of sneezing in Japanese. The funny-looking genie was summoned whenever someone sneezed near the bottle and he granted a wish. But he was so clumsy that things never went as expected, and messed up. A slapstick comedy I really enjoyed watching.

Though I no longer watch anime now, I know Japanese anime are very popular abroad. And I came across this interesting site introducing Japanese anime songs in other languages. A great site for anime otaku, huh?

OK, today's theme song is Doraemon!


Nice to meet you!

I'm Japanese man studying English.
I browsed your blog.
You have original idea, I guess.

Althogh I am strange to write blog in English, I write blog in English and Japanese.
So native speakers who are visiting constantly point out the mistakes on my blog!
They flatters me!

I think I could learn from you.

Have a good day!

Japanglish Times from Tokyo Japan

Haha, I think your television Sunday is much better than mine! I get up early on a Sunday too, but that is because I have to go to work...

Out of all the anime on that site, I have only heard of 3 or 4 of them, and Doraemon is the only one I've seen! Haha, I don't know whether this is good or bad for my reputation.

子供のとき、in America, cartoons were traditionally shown on Saturday morning (hence the name "Saturday morning cartoons"). On Sunday, all we get is religious (that is, Christian) programming and political talk shows. But when you were a boy in Japan, you went to school on Saturday morning, didn't you? That must be why the cartoons were on Sunday morning there.

I use the word "animation" to refer to a class of things, like a genre of film. "Walt Disney was famous in the field of animation." The shows on TV I always call "cartoons".

When we lived in Japan, my son (who was 10) watched Doraemon, Anpan Man, and a little short cartoon I liked, Parasol Henbe.

Hi, japanglishtimes! (Hey, should I call you by this handle?) Thanks for the comment. I've visited yours,too, and find it very interesting. Keep updating, or ...;) Come again!

Well, well, Clive, it's bad for your reputation. Hahaha. I can't keep up with the anime trend any longer.

And, yes, M, I went to school on Saturday as a kid. Thanks for your usage of "animation." This kind of advice is always useful for me. :) And, M, have you noticed that I used "animations" in the first paragraph of the entry, "cartoons" in the second, and "anime" in the third? Now I'm curious to know how the word "anime" has gotten into the English language.

In America, "anime" is exclusively to refer to Japanese animation.

"Cartoon" has a generally immature feel to it and usually refers to children's shows.

"Animation" (or "animated films," "animated series," etc.) is more mature-sounding to most folks and is used for more adult fare, though there unfortunately isn't too much of that in America (that isn't Japanese). "Animation" is also used in its more correct meaning as a catch-all for anything that is actually animated somehow (hand, computer, etc.).

I'm pretty hungry at the moment, so I hope this makes sense.

Jonathan, it's proved that even if you're hungry, your explanation makes sense. ;) Thanks!