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White April

It's been snowy for the past couple of days. Everything outside is white. Beautiful! Beautiful? Noooooooooo! Why the hell do I have to shovel snow in April?

New Year's classes started yesterday, and as if to celebrate the day, man, a snowstorm blew up. A lovely start of the year, isn't it?

The weather was almost damping down my enthusiasm for the new year. But almost all of my students came to class in spite of the snow and wind. Good students! Oh, "damping down someone's enthusiasm" can be expressed as "出鼻をくじく (debana wo kujiku)" in Japanese. "出" is to go out, and in this case "put something forward," and "鼻" nose. "くじく" is to spoil or damp down. Damping down the nose put forward! Ha!

I'm looking forward to the real spring.