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Blogging A Month

KEC Journal started in 2002.
English blogging was a kind of challenge for me.
Comments from visitors were really encouraging.

Just like talking, I tried to write my blog, and enjoyed it.
Once you stop updating, however, it would be very hard to restart.
Unfortunately, KEC Journal fell into such a cycle around 2004.
Returning to the blogosphere this past April was also a challenge for me.
Never disappoint my friends and myself again, I said to myself.
And it's been a month now, and seems like I'm still blogging.
Let me say, guys, it's really fun to blog with you!

(Read the first letters of each sentence down.)


Hey Kiyo, it's been great to have you back this month! Thanks for giving us such interesting stories. It's been great fun for me to read them.

Kiyo.. you're getting all poetic now. Will that be your next Blog Challenge? Writing poetry?

VERY clever, Kiyo. I'm glad you've made through your first month back. It will be easier to stick to it now, won't it?

The end of my second year of university-level Japanese class is this week. Last week I thought of you because we had to perform a skit. I wondered if you made your students do things like that. I was so glad when it was over and relieved that my group wasn't too bad.

I don't think my Japanese has improved very much. However, I now know that I have much, much, much more to learn.

After the term is over, I will try to restart my own bilingual blog. You've inspired me to try again.

Keep it up, Kiyo! この日記に書くことを止めないで下さい!

Your blog is awesome, and so I'm glad you continue to write. Your English is also better than some people I know who are natives to the language. :P

I blog in Japanese sometimes, but I don't have the confidence to share it with anyone yet. >.