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Winter Beauties

As you (might) know, I hate winter. I hate snow. ... more precisely, I hate snow shoveling. I'm always dreaming of the season of spring during winter.

But I have to admit winter has its own beauty. You know, Christmas should be white. (Oops, never in Australia!)

Well, the following photos were taken during "Abashiri Ryuhyo Matsuri" (the Abashiri Ice Floe Festival) this year by, er, my wife.

owls whale swans Nipopo Thomas moomin


Ahh, this is great. I saw these type of sculptures being made in Abashiri when I was there. Very nostalgic, and the Moomins too!

Wow I didn't notice you re started this blog. LONG TIME NO SEE YOU, AND I'M HAPPY TO MEET YOU AGAIN.
I changed my diary website.

Well, this winter fortunately or unfortunately we didn't have snow. Did they get enought snow to hold this festival??

Hahaha, Clive, 去年はゴメンな!

And hi, Mieko-san! Thanks for coming and it's really great to see you again, too. I'm also glad to know you started using Blogger because that's the very system I first started blogging with.

And as for the amount of snow, winter is always winter here in Hokkaido. ;)

Hokkaido seems like a strange choice of places to live for someone who doesn't like snow. How did you end up there?

Spring is here in Texas...I've linked to my garden site so you can see some photos.


i was in yokohama sept last year until feb '07 to visit my husband. i really enjoyed my stay there. i really love your country!

really wonderful photos of the ice sculptures. fantastic! =D