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January 12, 2009


Uh, let me whine, nothing is more disgusting than snow shovelling on weekends!

Well, hi, Kumiko-san. Long time no see. There sure are times when you feel like you have lost your motivation. Don't worry. Just wait until you want to learn again. There is no end in learning a language. I, too, have a lot to do to improve my English. I haven't seen the other side of the tunnel yet. In a sense, nobody could "master" a certain language. You know, even the Prime Minister can't read kanji well. ;)

And, thanks, guys, for New Year's greetings. Forgive me for not answering them, 'cause I'm 筆無精 (fude-busho: a lazy letter writer).

So Happy New Year to you all. May the year 2009 be a great one.

Even though I'm still not in the mood for blogging, KEC Journal is, and will be, here to stay.