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April 30, 2012

Ten Years After

OK, this blog is still ....alive.

Now I've noticed a striking fact. That is, it's been ten years since I started this blog! You know, ten years is a special period of time. We say 「十年一昔」(junen hito-mukashi), which means a decade is a long time, making epochmaking changes. So... uh, I think I'd better do something special to celebrate this. Something what? Hmmmmn. Oh, posting a new entry itself has become a very special thing for this blog, folks! Come on ....

Well, I remember a student who wrote an English diary, and I posted some of her entries here ten years ago. Yes, ten years ago. That's it! Isn't it a good idea to do that again?

So, I let (not "made", believe me) two of my high school sophomores write English diaries. The two girls are Sally and Nancy. (Haha, they are nicknames, of course.) Here are their works. Enjoy!

Sally, April 27

I went to school today. Friday is the last day of the week. So I try harder than usual. (^o^)/ The English class and lunch are the most fun. Today's lunch was LocoMoco!! (Note: She made it herself) After school, my club activity is until 7 o'clock. So I'm very tired. But, tennis is fun. These days I love the club activity. (´^ω^`)★ Spring vacation is coming near. I'm going to go shopping in Asahikawa city. Very fun!

Nancy, April 27

This week is finished at last. These days I wake up at five and go out at seven. I went to the morning practice of the Japanese-archery club. The reason is the high school Japanese-archery tournament preliminary is near. The practice is hard every day. But there are funny members in the club, so I can practice hard. Today, I went to school. I don't like math, and there was a math class. Only lunch is pleasure for me.