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Nancy and Sally

I was teaching the "i" sound to sixth graders. After letting them practice how to pronounce "ink, milk, six," I picked on a student to write those words on the blackboard. He confidently came up to the board and wrote, "enk, melk, sex."

Well, here come Nancy and Sally again:

Nancy, May 18

My way of spending holidays, I get up at 10 a.m., wash may face, put on my clothes and do my hair. And around 11 a.m., I go for a walk with my camera. I have a camera. I take pictures of plants and the sky while I walk. After I come home, I make lunch.

How do you spend your holidays?

Sally (^o^)☆,

I like rock. I like BAWDIES and ONE OK ROCK the best in Japanese bands. I like Roy the best in BAWDIES. Rock music is cool and I can be fine. So, rock is important for me.

These days it rains a lot. We can't have club activities. Next week there will be a tennis match, but I can't practice. I'm very worried. It rained a little today, too. Moreover it was so cold that I wanted to go home.